We pride ourselves on offering the lowest possible price on dental implants without compromising on quality.

We operate a “No hidden charges” system – if we don’t tell you about the charge upfront, you don’t pay it.


Denture stabilisation with 2 Locator attachments £2,699
Denture stabilisation with 2 implants and a bar (new denture included) £3,749
Denture stabilisation with 4 implants and a bar (new denture included) £6,499
Extras that may be necessary
New denture* £449
CT scan £99
Panoramic x-ray £20
Extras that you can choose
New denture* £449

Denture Stabilisation requirements

*Please note that the denture MUST be a satisfactory fit before stabilisation is done. As NHS dentures are often made to a low quality and standard, we would NOT recommend you to have NHS dentures made for stabilisation.

It cannot be guaranteed that either NHS or private dentures are satisfactory and it may be necessary to make a new denture before stabilisation.