Our Service

Our mission at Signum Dental Implants Clinic is clear; we bid to deliver the finest value in dental implants, while maintaining excellence in results. Our commitment to you is as follows:

  • We aim to offer you the best value in dental implants, placed and restored in the UK.
  • We will maintain high levels of training, by completing several hours of CPD, far excessive of the amount required by the GDC.
  • There will be no hidden charges or surprise bills whatsoever. All prices will be up-front and transparent.
  • We will offer an in-depth answer to any questions that you may have regarding your treatment.
  • We will not compromise on your safety, all single-use items are just that – used only once, whilst all other items are sterilised in our modern and up-to-date decontamination unit.

Client Requirements for Dental Implants

So that we can continue to offer low prices on dental implants without compromising on quality, there are certain requirements we have of our patients, customers and clients.

Contact our Dental Implant

Visit our other information page to find out more about these specific obligations, or if you would prefer, give our friendly and dedicated consultants a call direct on 01315 166 981 to discuss ours, and your requirements.