Three Unit Bridge On Two Implants – £4,248

Our multi tooth implant services feature three tooth bridge on two implants procedures from only £4,248, including implant placement, crown and abutment at a clear price point – no hidden charges! Book your assessment online now!

Outstanding Multi Tooth Implant Services

Implant+Retained+BridgeSignum Dental Implants Clinic can help you better understand what dental implants are and what they can do for you. No matter whether an accident has led to you losing a span of teeth, or if you need multi tooth implants after losing teeth due to decay, we can provide a quality solution at superb value.

All in all, our multi tooth implant process can see multiple teeth replaced in a quality yet cost-effective manner.

The Advantages of Multi Tooth Implants

Clients who undergo our multi tooth implant procedure open themselves up to a wide range of benefits in doing so. As well as improving the health of patients’ other teeth, multi tooth implants also help to enhance chewing and eating ability. Furthermore, multi tooth implants are easy to clean and preserve bone levels as well, whilst also negating the need for uncomfortable dentures to be worn, helping clients’ self-confidence to be restored.

The Multi Tooth Implant Procedure

Getting a span of teeth replaced with multi tooth implants is a far more straightforward process than you would likely imagine, and the full procedure can be completed in as little as three months across a number of appointments. Our multi tooth implants begin at only £2,349, and you can take a look at the full price list here.

Contact us for Multi Tooth Implants in Edinburgh

For more information about our provision of multi tooth implants in Edinburgh, or to learn about any of the cosmetic dental treatments offered by Signum Dental Implant Clinic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team. Simply leave your details on the contact form provided below to request an appointment at our Bonyrigg dental studio near Edinburgh, or call us direct on 0131 516 6981.

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