Cosmetic Dentistry Finance & Payment Plans

Signum Dental Implant Clinic is delighted to offer a range of flexible payment options on our cosmetic dental procedures, making our services even more affordable. In arrangement with Hitachi Finance, our clients can obtain finance for their dental implants in Scotland, or whichever cosmetic dentistry services they may choose to enlist from us, and pay for their potentially life-changing procedures on a bit-by-bit basis.

Interest Free Finance for Dental Implants in Scotland

And perhaps the most appealing aspect of the finance we offer on our dental implants in Scotland is the fact that it is interest free. Prospective clients can choose between entering a six-month or 10-month payment plan for whatever cosmetic dental process they undergo, and pay absolutely nothing on top of their pre-arranged fee with Signum Dental Implant Clinic. For example, those opting to pay for a dental implant over 10 months would be charged £139.90 per month, whilst clients entering into a six-month arrangement for the same procedure would pay £233.17 each month.

Contact us for flexible Cosmetic Dentistry Payment Plans

If you would like to discuss our flexible cosmetic dentistry payment plans, or want further information regarding any of our finance options with regards to dental implants, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team. Simply leave details of your query on our contact us page and await a swift reply, or give us a call direct on 0131 516 6981.