Stabilise Your Denture From £3200!

Our denture stabilisation services include 2 Locator attachments to stabilise a denture from just £3200, delivered in around an hour, and with no hidden charges! Book your assessment online now!

Tired of loose dentures?

We know how you feel! It is very common for people who have full dentures to struggle with eating, chewing and smiling. Many complain that they feel they can’t socialise and feel embarrassed to eat in public. 

We can help you!

Locator retained dentures can stabilise your loose lower dentures so that you can eat and drink and feel more comfortable in public. If you have a good fitting set of dentures, it’s possible to stabilise the dentures in a single session, meaning that in about an hour, you leave with secure dentures that don’t lift when you eat.

With prices from £3,800, we can tailor the solution to what you need to achieve the results you want and to your budget. 

Upper dentures can be stabilised using a rigid bar, with strong clips and can free up the palate, so that you get the taste back that you have been missing.

Or if you’d rather go without dentures altogether and would prefer to have the feel of natural teeth, a fixed bridge is the ideal option.

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