We’ve heard it all before, “new year, new you,” but here at Signum Dental Implant Clinic, we can really help you get a new smile this new year, so you can step into 2016 with your head held high (grinning from ear to ear, of course!).

Signum Dental are a leading cosmetic dentist in Edinburgh and we provide an outstanding cosmetic dentistry service for Bonyrigg, Dalkeith, Musselburgh and throughout the rest of Scotland. We are committed to providing cosmetic dentistry services to the absolute highest standard in our area.

Let’s take a look at a couple of cosmetic dental services that can transform your smile in 2016…

Dental Implants in Edinburgh

Although dental implants may sound slightly daunting, they actually offer a safe treatment, with one of the major benefits being that they look and feel like natural teeth. What’s more, dental implant treatment is well-established. The dental implants from Signum Dental Implant Clinic are made from titanium, and fit into the bone to replace the root of the missing tooth or teeth. Placing a dental implant into the mouth is often easier than removing a tooth, and is usually done under a simple local anaesthetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry Finance Packages

Here at Signum Dental Implant Clinic, we’re committed to providing affordable cosmetic dentistry services for all potential clients, as exemplified by the cosmetic dentistry finance packages we offer. We allow our patients to stagger their payments over a period that suits them, and even offer flexible interest-free finance deals on all types of cosmetic dental procedures, inclusive of single and multi tooth dental implants, full arch implants, denture stabilisation services and same day teeth solutions. Contact our team today to find out more.

Contact our Edinburgh Dental Clinic

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