Due to the current situation with regards to the coronavirus outbreak, it has become unsustainable to perform routine dentistry within the current recommendations. As dentistry is performed very close to the respiratory tract and involves a lot of aerosol generation, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of our team due to the potentially large number of asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. 

We are operating a very limited emergency service only. We are unable to perform anything but the most basic of tasks and as such we would urge you to use home care wherever possible. This may involve using painkillers for any pain, temporary crown and bridge cement from a chemist, or temporary filling materials. We can operate a minimum emergency capacity only. If you are unable to control any dental emergencies using home care, please call the practice and leave a message. We will get back to you. We are operating a reduced reception system and as such it may taken time to return your call. 

Please do not attend the practice. If you have an emergency appointment, the door will be locked. You will not be seen before your appointment time and only one person will be allowed in to the practice. 


If you or anybody in your family is symptomatic of coronavirus, and needs urgent dental treatment that cannot be controlled through self care, please call the practice and we will advise on what to do. 


We hope to return to full service as soon as possible. These are challenging times for everyone and I hope you understand the need to protect the health of our workers and patients.


We wish you and your loved ones good health. 


Best regards



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Welcome to Signum Dental Implant Clinic

Whether you are missing one, two or more teeth, or would like to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, we are a dental implant clinic that prides ourselves on offering high quality at competitive prices. 

If you are missing a single tooth, a dental implant is the most preferred choice in 2019. Unlike bridges or dentures, the risk to the surrounding teeth is minimised and they can be cleaned and flossed just like a natural tooth, and can provide a lifetime of function, if they are maintained correctly. 

Duncan Scorgie has a wealth of experience in implant dentistry, and can provide excellent results when replacing missing teeth, having placed well over 1,000 dental implants. 

Duncan prides himself on working to a high standard in order to provide strong, long lasting results. 


Cosmetic dentistry

For many people, having a dental implant placed can be the impetus for having a broader range of cosmetic dental procedures performed. We can, of course, provide this to a high standard and to match any implant retained restoration.

While performing cosmetic and other treatment of weakened or decayed teeth, Duncan uses a microscope in order to provide an excellent fit and easy cleaning of your veneers, crowns, caps or fillings.

The focus is on long term health, and with modern materials, the appearance is, of course, exceptional compared to old, metal based crowns that leave a black line at the gum. 


Same day teeth

If all of your teeth in either upper, lower or both jaws, the entire arch can be replaced in a single day, meaning that you leave with a strong, healthy smile. In the longer term, a beautiful, natural looking fixed bridge gives you the confidence to eat, chew and smile.

Replace more than just one tooth

If you have more than one tooth missing, it is not necessary to replace every tooth with a dental implant.

As long as the teeth are next to each other and there is enough bone, a bridge secured on dental implants can give a fantastic result that will last a long time.

Single tooth replacement

Looking to replace a single tooth? Whether it’s through an accident, decay or gum disease, a single missing tooth can impact your ability to bite, chew and smile.

A dental implant is an ideal way of replacing a single tooth and means no damage to the surrounding teeth and without the discomfort and loss of taste associated with removable dentures.

Stabilise loose lower dentures

Tired of loose lower dentures? It’s a common problem.

Stabilise your lower dentures with dental implant attachments. Extra security means less movement, which means a better bite, easier chewing and more confidence when eating and speaking.